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Samantha Dempsey and Ciara Taylor


Samantha Dempsey is a Senior Behavior Change & Experience Designer at Mad*Pow where she designs interactions between people, their bodies, and healthcare systems. Her background in illustration informs her approach to experience design as she incorporates narrative flow, visual storytelling, and sequential art into her work. She researches and creates tools to facilitate visual communication in the clinic and beyond. In her spare time, she enjoys embroidering patterns of bacteria onto household objects.

Ciara Taylor is the Managing Director of Behavior Change Design at Mad*Pow where she applies her knowledge of games to design playful and meaningful experiences for behavior change. Keeping one foot in the design world and the other in the gaming world, Ciara researches and designs new ways to create community engagement through elements of play. When she isn’t designing playful experiences, she plays games, gushes over cute sloths and introduces fellow Mad*Pow folks to new music and vocabulary… awesomesauce!