Sustainable UX Conference 9th February 2016

Whitney Hess

Whitney Hess has spent a decade evangelizing the principles and philosophy of User Experience at conferences and in boardrooms around the world.

Tim Frick

Tim is the owner of Mightybytes, a digital marketing company that builds creative and technical solutions that help nonprofits and conscious companies grow and thrive, and a regular speaker at events such as TedX on climate and business issues.

Patty Toland

Patty is a partner at Filament Group, a Boston-based UI design and front-end development consulting firm that helps companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone.

Chris Adams

Into bikes, sustainability, science, parkour, politeness, coffee, & cities. Devops, Product management & UX. Cleanweb Berlin co-organiser.

Basheera Khan

Having experienced life on three continents in as many years, I am especially interested in the way that thoughtful design can find solutions to the problems we face as we consider our future on this planet.

Samantha Dempsey and Ciara Taylor

Samantha is an Experience Designer at Mad*Pow where she utilizes narrative design, play, and behavioral science to improve healthcare experiences. Ciara is a Senior Experience Designer at Mad*Pow where she applies her knowledge of games to designing playful and meaningful experiences in behavior change applications.

Pete Markiewicz

Pete currently teaches at the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles, covering topics including basic computer skills, virtual world programming, web-based programming, e-commerce, Internet audio/video delivery, math literacy, and biology.

Bernard Yu

Bernard creates and teaches systems to build systems to understand systems. Trained philosophy and policy nerd, #SJW. Lover of style guides. Hugger.

Sam Moore

Sam is a designer, writer, and systems thinker passionate about technology solutions that improve the quality of people’s lives.

Micah Boswell

Micah Boswell is a seasoned user experience strategy & design veteran with over 20 years in the business.

Mike Gifford

Founder and president of OpenConcept Consulting Inc., and a Drupal 8 Core Accessibility Maintainer.

Andrew Boardman

Andrew Boardman owns and manages Manoverboard, a purpose-driven design firm that provides digital tools and strategy to principled businesses and organizations.

Jen Briselli - co-chair

Jen’s first love was science, but while earning her physics degree she fell in love with the challenge of communicating as much as she loved researching.

James Christie - co-chair

UX designer and researcher. Long-ago front-end coder. Bees in his bonnet include accessibility, optimization, and sustainability.