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8am ET. With your hosts, Jen and James.

Do You Speak Jackal or Giraffe? Designing Sustainable Relationships

8:10am, with Whitney Hess

The CMS Challenge - Creating More Designers While Keeping Code Green

8:55am, with Pete Markiewicz

Time and Change as regenerative design materials

9:20am, withBasheera Khan

The Designers Oath

9:45am, Samantha Dempsey and Ciara Taylor

Driving Green Behavior Through Apps

10:00am, with Micah Boswell

Working out the footprint of the internet, and moving to greener clouds

10:45am, with Chris Adams

Building More Holistic View of Sustainable: Digital Project Planning at Green America

11:30am, with Bernard Yu

Meta-Sustainable-UX: Designing Compelling Arguments for Low-Carbon Design

12:25pm, with Jen Briselli

Redesign & Refine: How Designers Can Be Agents of Change

12:45pm, with Sam Moore

Reduce carbon dioxide and make businesses happy with data-conscious web design

1:10pm, with James Christie

Online News: The Canary in the Coal Mine

1:55pm, with Andrew Boardman

Designing for Sustainability: Concept to Practice

2.25pm, with Tim Frick

Open-source & Sustainability

3pm, with Mike Gifford


3.40pm, with James and Jen