Talks for 2017


SustainableUX Staff, 8:50am EST.

Product design for sustainability: how small decisions make a big difference

Artiom Dashinsky, 9:00am EST.

Serving Green

Andrew Boardman, 9:25am EST

Designing for the convergence of the utility industry and the built environment

Seyi Fabode, 9:50am EST

INFOCRISIS.SOCIAL: A socially-powered control panel to help communities face disruptive events by optimizing information and resource flow

Javier Velasco-Martin, 10:15am EST

Conservation of Resources: Why Performance & Technical Debt Matter

Mark Reeves, 10:40am EST

Beaver dams, ants and spiders - tapping into a new solution space for sustainable design

Michelle Fehler, 11:00am EST

Seven Ways to Improve Everything for Everybody

Kel Smith, 11:35am EST

Designing for the behavior of a sustainable future

Natalia Arsand, 12:20pm EST

Remote work and sustainability

Elijah Woolery, 1pm EST

Long Distance Relationships That Work: Myths and Promises of Remote Work

Jim Kalbach, 1:25pm EST

The Madhouse Effect

Dr. Michael Mann, 2pm EST

Agility vs Agile: when the best approach is waterfall

Emily Lonigro Boylan, 2:35pm EST

The Sustainable Design Agency

Tim Frick, 3:20pm EST

Sustaining Change: Psychology-Based Tips for Maintaining Your Momentum

Amy Bucher, 3:50pm EST

Making space for love: The UX of sustainable societies

B Cordelia Yu, 4pm EST

Final remarks

SustainableUX staff, 4:40pm EST

Pre-recorded: Sustainable Virtual Reality

Pete Markiewicz

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