Catching up with Jordyn Bonds

Jordyn spoke at SustainableUX 2019 on the topic of P2P energy efficiency. Her talk (embedded below) explores strategies P2P app creators can employ to keep energy use to a minimum.

I caught up with Jordyn in early November, 2021.

How’s it going?

JB: Can’t complain! The pandemic has been difficult personally, but I was already working remotely and I’ve stayed over-employed the entire time, which is lucky.

What are you working on these days?  Tell us a bit about it.

JB: When I spoke at SustainableUX, I was in the middle of working on my startup TallyLab, which was building a peer-to-peer data science platform. I stopped working on that full time in the middle of 2020 and took a job as VP of Product at Brio Systems, a company coordinating workplace covid testing. I left Brio a few weeks ago to join a new startup called hollarhype as cofounding CTO. We’re building a voice-messaging platform that creates serendipitous 1:1 connection within communities. Could be fun for communities like this one, actually – see below…

How does climate thinking factor into your current product/role/company?

JB: We are building hollarhype with social movements in mind, and we most immediately see a use case for climate activists who need a way to support each other on those days when things feel most hopeless.

Are you involved in any (other) climate-related projects?  

JB: Not at the moment, no. I think I’m burnt out somewhat. The pandemic offered us this golden opportunity to rethink how we were living before, but I fear we’ve squandered it in a vain attempt to “get back to normal”.

So, are we winning? Do you think digital workers are more engaged in climate and related issues these days?

JB: Maybe it’s my network in particular, but I see a lot of digital workers engaged in racial justice and labor rights, less so climate.

Jordyn, thank you!

Jordyn’s talk page