New for 2019: The SustainableUX Tote Bag

Collectable… Each One Unique!

Since our inaugural event in 2016, SustainableUX has grown from a glorified webinar to a proper virtual conference. We now have a community, a newsletter, meetups, and more. But — one of the key accouterments of conferencedom have been missing before now: swag bags.

How can you be a real conference if you don’t have a tote and other tochkes, we imagine people asking. (Narrator: no one has actually asked this.)

This year, we are proud to introduce: the inaugural SustainableUX tote. You may never need another. (Some assembly required.)

1. Acquire The Tote

Go to your bag of bags (everyone has one) and pick out an old tote. Maybe you have one from an “IRL” conference. Or maybe you have a bag deficient in joy that you were going to recycle.

Here’s ours:

The iA Summit is no more so probably won’t be upset about us repurposing their tote.

It’s been faithfully carrying shallots from the farmers market, but now it’s back to its intended purpose.

Optional: customize it to transform into a SustainableUX tote. You could screen print a fresh design on it, or doodle on it in marker.  

Next, pick up the tote bag. Hold it tightly to your heart. It must be re-dedicated from its previous mission. Repeat loudly:

“You are a SustainableUX tote bag now.”

2. Add Tote Bag Supplies

A snack. SustainableUX runs from 9am to 4pm and you’ll need to keep your energy up.
Reusable coffee cup
Misc. crap

Rummage around your desk and see what you can find to stuff your tote. Gaze anew at your old junk with a sense of childlike wonder.

Vendor fliers. We don’t have any vendors at SustainableUX, so take some junk mail out of your recycling bin. On the day of the conference, take them out of your bag, then enjoy recycling them a second time.

SustainableUX lanyard

Finally, a lanyard. If you don’t have one from an old conference, and you don’t want to waste materials making one, you could doodle on your hand in pen.

That’s it! You are ready to rock your appearance at SustainableUX.

You’ll also need a ticket, get one here:

P.S. After you’ve made your own SustainableUX custom tote, share a photo with us!