Redesign & Refine: How Designers Can Be Agents of Change

Sam Moore

Designers and UX professionals are problem solvers, plain and simple. We identify and define the challenge at hand and then find solutions using a system of research, brainstorming, and testing. Designers possess an innate ability to identify issues with the status quo, but are also well equipped to fill in the gaps. In our digital world, we’ve learned the tools and methods necessary to both cast a new vision, and bring it to life.

Sure, these are great qualifications for designing enterprise software or creating the latest startup iOS app, but we may be selling ourselves short if we stop there. These are the types of cross-disciplinary skills needed to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time. Changing our methods of consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and moving to a more sustainable way of life requires solutions of all sizes and complexities. Our collective challenge is to both redesign and refine how we live, work, and play. By employing the tools and skills we already use in our everyday design practice, we have a unique and powerful ability to be positive agents of change.


Sam is a designer, writer, and systems thinker passionate about technology solutions that improve the quality of people’s lives. Focused on digital products and services, he is intent on improving user experience through better process, information architecture, and interaction design. As a Senior Design Consultant at Cantina – a Boston-based digital design and development agency – Sam brings order and aesthetics to the experience of digital tools, mobile apps, and user interfaces.

Sam has worked with both technology industry titans as well as nimble startup companies and become adapt at collaborating with product owners, business analysts, engineers, and marketers. A strong advocate of research and iterative improvement, Sam helps teams detect underlying behavior patterns and create whole system solutions.

Beyond the screen, Sam is an outdoor adventurer and conservation advocate with an interest in renewable energy. He enjoys exploring our National Parks, hiking in the White Mountains, and making pure maple syrup at his family’s farm in New Hampshire.