Time and Change as Regenerative Design Materials

Basheera Khan

This talk is about the ‘zero moments of truth’ within everyday life, and how our decisions in those moments help design “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.

Drawing on systems thinking, permaculture design, drum ’n bass, philosophies of interconnectedness and the notion of radical personal responsibility, this talk will seek to challenge your sense of what is possible within the context of design — as it pertains to the everyday life of the individual, as well as to our collective response to the challenges of a world shifting uncomfortably around the axis of climate change.


Having experienced life on three continents in as many years, I am especially interested in the way that thoughtful design can find solutions to the problems we face as we consider our future on this planet.

I’m interested in the challenge of designing experiences that integrate the digital and the physical worlds; in designing sustainable systems that support the transition to a low carbon economy and that help people and communities strengthen and develop their own inner resilience.