Digital Meets Physical: The Power to Influence Sustainable Behavior IRL

Kristin Cheek

Digital designers have a powerful and growing influence over how we interact with our physical world. How can digital UX enhance our interactions with the physical world for a positive impact on our environments and health?

This talk will look at digital tools that help us explore nature, increase our physical activity, and purchase sustainable products. We’ll consider the power of digital tools to convert knowledge or interest into behavior change, and discuss the potential to bridge the divide between digital and physical experience in a way that supports sustainability.


Kristin Cheek is an applied researcher, strategist, and advisor who uses knowledge of people, design, and business to solve problems in complex systems. With a background in psychology and engagement, Kristin works to discover what influences human behavior, and then develop actionable insights into how the design of products, environments, and processes can support behavior change for positive outcomes. Her work has applications in environmental sustainability, consumer behavior, change management, health, workplace strategy, technology, innovation, and more.

Kristin is currently completing a PhD in Human Behavior and Design at Cornell University, a multidisciplinary program integrating the social sciences and design.