Ends: Improve Off-Boarding and Add Responsibility to Consumption

Joe Macleod

The consumer lifecycle is emotionally biased. At one end, we are encouraged to engage, buy, share, and commit. At the other, a void of emotion sacrifices consumer action, holding back engagement which limits reflection and responsibility.

There is compelling evidence to suggest that we have lost a vocabulary around how to end our consumer relationships. What is common amongst some of society’s biggest problems is trying to stop what we have started. This talk will cover opportunities in endings and how designers can plan for appropriate endings in our consumer experiences to help create actionable and responsible consumers and providers.


Joe Macleod has been working on the issue of endings and closure experiences for 15 years. Through his work in design, technology, and services, he has detected a common pattern of denial at the end of the customer lifecycle. His 20-year professional career has been based in leading web, telecoms, and carrier companies, where he led teams and built a variety of successful products. Most recently, as Head of Design at the award-winning digital product studio Ustwo, he built a globally recognised team working with leading brands. Joe is also a regular speaker and commentator of design and design education, and founder of the Include Design campaign that brought the UK’s leading designers together to defend creative education. Joe currently works on a project called Closure Experiences,, where he talks, consults and writes about endings.