How Technologists Can Fight Climate Change

Andrew McWilliams

Andrew McWilliams

How can technology professionals impact climate change? As a community, people who work in tech can have outsized influence on business, politics and culture, both setting direction and driving positive change. That’s why a group of volunteers came together to support and incubate tech workers who wish to do just that.

Join this session to learn more abut the network, our incubator program and you can leverage your position in tech to help build a sustainable future.


Andrew McWilliams is a New York-based artist and technologist, founder and director of ThoughtWorks Arts and a founding member of His recent art projects explore links between climate change, perception and society, while his advocacy is centered on support and incubation for climate action in the tech industry.
Andrew has exhibited at Armory Week in New York, HarvestWorks Digital Art Center in New York, Currents New Media Festival in New Mexico, and at the AlphaVille Festival of Post-Digital Culture in London. He has been awarded residencies at the Jaaga Residency Program in Bangalore, the I-Park Foundation in Connecticut, and has been nominated for a Creative Climate Award by the Human Impacts Institute in New York.