Turning Research Ripples Into Waves: Growing UX Research Capacity in Complex Spaces

Hana Nagel

Hana Nagel

Hana Nagel will examine the challenge of scaling research through the lens of social change theory, showing how service design and systems thinking can be used to create a strategy to increase research’s impact on product. Growing organizational research capacity requires both bottom-up and top-down changes that can be daunting to tackle. By building collaboration, connection and community, you can bring enough people together to turn research ripples into waves.


Hana Nagel is a designer and researcher, with experience ranging from non-profits to start-ups to enterprise. Her work is connected by a commitment to using a research-driven approach to solve problems for people.  She is currently a service designer with Element AI, where she helps teams to make the right thing, and to make the thing right.

Born in California and raised in Vancouver, Hana firmly believes the West Coast is the best coast. She is currently loving life in Montreal, which she shares with her fianceé, a large cat, a smol dog, and 62 plants (and counting).