The State of the Sustainable Web in 2019

Chris Adams

Chris Adams

This conference has been running since 2016, and since it started, we’ve seen science, tech, and yes, even the discussion around ethics in our industry develop.

But we know more than we did back in 2016 – the latest science suggests that as an industry, we need to cut emissions by around a sixth, each year until 2030 to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. But what does that look like in practice?

In some ways it’s got easier to do the right thing we if we want to our tech to be sustainable and planet friendly. But changes in technology, and our industry mean that things we were recommending just 3 years ago might not be the most effective things to concentrate on now. In many cases we need to be able to navigate this together, and learn the lessons from each other as we go.

In this talk, Sustainable UX veteran Chris Adams and Climate Action Tech organiser will give you overview of how changes in the fields of UX, cloud computing and web performance, and product design for Internet of Things, affect the environmental impact of what we’re building.

In each area, you’ll learn the useful toolkits and frameworks for thinking about making a measurable improvements, (with explorable, worked examples) before showing where to go to dive more deeply on each subject.

Finally you’ll learn some key lessons over the last year of efforts inside Climate Action Tech community, about why some attempts at bring change fail – and where to go to keep learning throughout the year.


Chris Adams is an environmentally focussed tech generalist, spending the last ten years working in tech startups, blue chip companies and government, as a user researcher, product manager, developer, sysadmin and UX-er.

He runs Product Science, a small product development consultancy, and lives in Berlin.

In 2017 he created the Planet Friendly Web Guide, to help people who build the web build greener digital products and services.