Online event Feb 12th 2019 – starts 8.50am ET

Registration is closed! You will be able to watch again on Youtube later in the month. 

Support our speakers: pick a charity

  • Give to Greenpeace: as well as all their other activism and programs, Greenpeace also publishes the essential Click Clean report on internet infrastructure sustainability.
  • Give to Trees for the Future: plants forest gardens in Sub-Saharan Africa, helping communities on the frontline of climate change build future resilience.
  • Give to Alliance for Climate Education: educates the next generation of environmental activists and funds U.S. school programs.
  • Don’t want to give to any of these? Give to a different cause and tell us about them in the form when you claim your ticket.

Suggested donation amounts: ($USD)

  • Unwaged / student: $5
  • Individual ticket: $40
  • Whole-team ticket / conference room: $100
  • Donate more than $100 and we’ll put your logo in our opening presentation.

Donations are processed by JustGiving and go directly to the beneficiaries. We do not collect payment – we only get a tally of donations and collect your email address so we can send you a ticket.

Speakers and volunteers give their time for free – donating to climate causes is a great way to show appreciation for their efforts.

If you don’t donate, you can still watch the conference on replay, when we post the videos up on our YouTube Channel.